About the Genealogy Dashboard

The genealogy dashboard groups together about 75 resources for genealogical research. Some require registration, but most are free. Most can be used for any type of genealogical research, but some are focused on Jewish genealogy, especially in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada. They are categorized into:

The key idea of the dashboard is that you enter some information into a form at the top, and that information is used in search forms throughout the dashboard. It's possible to search several resources in less than a minute. For example,
  1. you can look for an obituary in the Montreal Gazette archive, and if unsuccessful,
  2. you can immediately search Genealogie Quebec, and if unsuccessful,
  3. you can try Legacy.com.
Having all the forms on one screen means that you don't have to find a site, find your way to a search form, and submit a search. You just click on a button to search.

Warnings about the forms on the dashboard:

  1. For technical reasons, some resources are not searchable from the dashboard.
  2. The forms present limited options, and these options might not be the ones that you expect, or want.
  3. The forms simply submit your terms to the resource, so the search syntax varies from form-to-form.
  4. The results of your search are shown on the resource site.

The resources can be used in any order. There are notes about places and years a resource covers, but it's useful to keep an open mind. For example, Gazette obituaries generally range from 2000 to the present, but an "in memoriam" might appear for earlier deaths.