Canadian 1911 Census
Montreal Census District Map

The only currently known maps of the Montreal census districts are those on the Library and Archives Canada web site. Those maps are somewhat difficult to read and in many cases do not show actual street names. Those district outlines have been transfered onto a modern Montreal map.  Although the names of some streets have changed in the interim years, this map will make it much easier to identify what district a street may be in. There are no known maps of the subdistricts.

The map shows the location of the following districts:

Note that the exact boundary between Jacques Cartier and Maisonneuve is unclear. Also, the the boundary between St. Mary and Maisonneuve varies depending on which original map you trust. Nevertheless, for the areas in which most Jewish immigrants lived, this map should prove useful.

Each district is divided into subdistricts (numbered from 1). Each subdistrict bears the name of a "ward". The ward is often the same as the district name, but not always. A given ward may cover many subdistricts. Details are at

If you have access to the Lovell's City Directory for Montreal, the street index usually gives the name of the ward which can help narrow your search.

The following table gives the most common ward names for the districts.

District 179: Ste. Anne Ste. Anne
Ste. Anne Centre
Ste. Anne West
District 180: St. Antoine
St. Antoine
District 181: St. Jacques / St. James
St. Jacques
St. Jacques East
St. Jacques Lafontaine
District 182: St. Laurent / St. Lawrence
St. Laurent
St. Louis
District 183: Ste. Marie / Ste. Mary
Ste. Marie
District 162: Jacques Cartier
Many - see
District 172: Maisonneuve Many - see

There is currently no street index for Montreal, telling which subdistricts you need to search. Until a full street index is created, there is no choice but to review each sheet of each subdistrict or the appropriate ward or district.